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2-Power Retail Pack Products

Premium Quality Electronics Components & Accessories

The 2-Power retail range is the perfect solution for any retailer, e-tailer or reseller with professionally designed retail ready packaging. The range includes Universal Laptop AC Power Adapter, Universal Laptop In-Car DC Power Adapter, World Travel Adapter, In-Car Mini Power Inverter, Universal Battery Charger, a range of Portable Chargers and replacement Digital Camera Batteries.

All retail packaged products undergo the same stringent checks for both safety and quality and are supplied with at least 12 months warranty. They are all designed with Euro-Hook Tabs to showcase these products.

The retail range is competitively priced and popular with customers who want to showcase versatile products in limited retail space. The universal range allows you to stock a minimum inventory whilst maximising device compatibility. The consistent design theme sets the 2-Power retail range apart. Clear, concise and informative with high quality imagery, the range is a perfect addition to any retail outlet.

The Slim Universal Mains Laptop Charger and the Universal In-Car Laptop Charger have automatic voltage sensing tips that are compatible with most laptops. The Universal Battery Charger works with Digital Camera batteries, Camcorder batteries, Rechargeable AA / AAA batteries and 1A USB devices.  You can use most mains powered electronic devices in a Car, SUV, Caravan or Yacht using the In-Car Mini Power Inverter. 2-Power Retail allows your customers the widest choice of power accessories for portable electronic devices.